Making Room on the Pew is a podcast for the misfits and outcasts and those who love them. 

Have you ever felt like there just isn’t room for you in church? Like, in order to fit in, you have to check parts of yourself at the door? Maybe you don’t look right or act right. Maybe your skin is the wrong color or you speak the wrong language at home or you were born outside U.S. borders. Maybe you are queer or you can’t afford to tithe the right way. Maybe you have a mental health diagnosis you are terrified to talk about in church.

This podcast is for you. 

Or maybe you love someone who tells you that they can’t go to church anymore or aren’t sure they are welcome in the spaces they want go. Maybe your sibling, parent, best friend, or colleague says they don’t feel like they belong anywhere. It’s hard to be supportive when you don’t understand.

Let me help. This podcast is for you too. 

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