12 Things I Did (Or Didn’t Do) In 2018

It’s the end of the year and we’re all feeling a bit more introspective than usual. Isn’t that how it always goes? Here I am, sitting at my dining room table on the night before New Year’s Eve, and it’s all I can think about: what I did or did not do this past year. 

In 2018…

I DIDN’T use my yoga studio membership much.

I DID get married.

I DIDN’T stay on any of the 18373 (okay, that’s a bit of an exaggeration) diets I started.

I DID start antidepressant & anti-anxiety medication.

I DIDN’T ask for help as much as I should have.

I DID attend my first protest.

I DIDN’T go back to school as I had originally hoped and planned.

I DID make a huge dream a reality with the Making Room on the Pew podcast.

I DIDN’T say I’m sorry enough.

I DID make family more of a priority.

I DIDN’T learn how to be less intense & more considerate as much as I’d hoped I would.

I DID learn how to love the people in my life a little better.

My friend, Manda, does this every year and I can’t help but think what a great practice this is; this intentional time of remembering what we got right and what we got wrong over the past year.

I got more things wrong and less things right than I hoped I would, but that’s not the point. The point is this: in just a few short hours, a new year is beginning. And we have the choice to forget the past, barreling full-speed ahead into the future, or to pause and take stock, remembering the past, taking from it it’s hardest, most impactful lessons, and carrying those with us into the bright promise of morning.

I’ve made my choice, and as I sit here in the dim light of the Christmas tree I can’t bear to take down yet, I pray that you take a moment to do the same.

To pause.

To remember.

To give thanks.

To plan.

To turn your eyes toward tomorrow.


What did YOU do or not do in 2018? 

Drop me a comment below! 

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